Re: “From The Depth of The Heart Your Mouth Speaks”

March 26, 2012 at 11:09 pm #3417
Lynn Thompson

I am a member or an international organization thet works to make positive changes in the world and close to home. We are all volunteers.

Some of the members were dissatisfied with many issues.

I seed I would take care of it. Last week I spoke out from the heart and my love for what this club is capable of.

Some members took this as a personal attack against them personally.
One or the most gentle caring members stood up and lost it. I was told to SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. I did.
Other members wer shocked and tryed to defend me. I seed he had every right to say what he seed.

The result was the angry people on both sides needed a special meeting.

My only intention was to help everyone be more successful and have the opportunity to do more great things.

I just returned from that meeting and although thear right to be angry and let it out was important. :angry:

It was more important for us to give people opportunities and recognize that we all LOVE this organization.

The results were incredible. LOVE heals all and recognizing the LOVE well have in commen can and did make miraculous changes.

Some times we say what needs to be heard. People may hear the same words and intererat them differently.

In this case I followed my heart and the LOVE that we all had brought us all together as one.

I encourage all or you to do the same and remember you are never alone because we all have the same pover and are all a part of everyone and everything.