Re: Forgiveness

August 7, 2011 at 6:37 am #1517
Annette Coykendall

Hello! Thanks, Amanda :cheer: By the way, this is Annette speaking. I thought something similar to what you said, Phil. When we take responsibility for creating everything in our lives, and also truly truly love ourselves, we will be grateful for who we are and able to be grateful and accepting of everything we have experienced. I was reading something about holocaust survivors and how so many of them have meaningful, happy lives. I suspect that they have learned the value of creating life from the present moment, rather than creating from past pain. I think it would be wonderful for each of them to fully grasp who they REALLY are (the I AM), and see how their amazing lives continue to transform our world. Of course I am talking about myself, too, as they [i]are[/i] me….
Also, I am thinking that the past, as we see it from our human perspective is from only one perspective. I believe that as God Also, our past can look and feel completely different than the way we have been used to viewing it.