Re: Forgiveness

July 7, 2011 at 9:41 am #942
Lynn Thompson

If trere are no accidents and things happen for a reason, life experiences are our educational challenges. :S
What I have learned from my experiences!!!!
The good ones enjoy. 🙂
The negative ones I need to stop and ask WHY.
My experiences when I don’t forgive is I make myself ill. :sick: I suffered with many ailments throughout my life, until I learned to FORGIVE. 😆
I was once taking many drugs, suffered from depression, and fibromyalgia.
By Forgiving and having Amanda as my Life Coach I am pain free and taking a few vitamins
to help. My medical DR. Is amassed. I look younger and beter than I have in10 years.
Forgiving releaves the stress that causes dis ease.