Re: Forgiveness

August 6, 2011 at 3:13 am #1456
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=907]Unconditional Love, gratitude, respect, and respecting others and forgiving them ( for they no not what they do). :woohoo:

As for me I was once a mess. :sick: Most of the people in my life were negative and not loving at all. I got vary sick and had low self esteem. Thanks to Amanda’s training and my passion for changing my life is fantastic. :cheer:

Keep up the good work everyone. 😛 🙂 :woohoo:[/quote]

I love your comment!!! :woohoo:
This is so true that people don’t know what they do if they do bad things to us. If they really understand how the law works they would have never done it.

Can you, please, tell us what is that you have done to change your life? How have you changed your thinking? 🙂