Re: Forgiveness

July 27, 2011 at 10:35 am #1271
Amanda Devine

As long as we think about silencing our ego, we make it stronger. We judge. Judgment creates more judment and the tape as you call it keeps playing stronger and stronger and it finally gets in an endless loop. :ohmy: When you concentrate on who it that you want become and move towards the new you, you will let the ego go, you will see yourself for who you really are, PERFECT!!! I was caught in the same loop. I strongly believe that the webminar is going to help a lot. Just follow the tools that I am going to present during the 3 separate sessions. As long as we concentrate on who we don’t want to be, we are just creating more of it. When we shift our focus towards the beauty and the flow that we want experience, ego, just goes away. :woohoo: