Re: Filling the Cup

September 8, 2011 at 8:22 am #2061
Jolanta Luty

[quote=”amanda” post=945]

So, now we are not replacing negative thoughts, we are not paying attention to them, we are paying attention to how we feel. We are making sure that we feel good all the time. That is what our focus is on. Feeling good! 😆 When you feel good you don’t have negative thoughts. You have only great thoughts. Like one of our members, Klaus said, ”Thoughts of fun and love”. I love that! :woohoo:

So, let’s fill our cups with thoughts of fun and love! :woohoo:

How do we go about feeling good all the time? :cheer:[/quote]

I am taking time to to have fun and to be grateful for the great moments in my life when I was in College…. and I am going to POLAND on Saturday.