Re: Filling the Cup

September 4, 2011 at 2:37 am #1976
Amanda Devine

[quote=”” post=1413]That’s funny. I wanted to help people through psychology. I read every phycology book in our small town library. 😛 Taking my first psyke course in collage my professor had long arms,was hunched over, was hairy and looked like the missing link. :unsure: He talked about an ape using a stick to get bananas just out of reach. As I sat in class all I could think or was (how can this help people). :blink:
Later I became a spiritual counselor and teacher. Life guides us to what we are ment to do if we just follow our heart. :woohoo:[/quote]

It is so true what you have said!!! :woohoo:
Very often we complicate things so much that we lose ourselves in that complexity. Things are simpler than we imagine. We just need to follow your heart as you said. You are such a special person, Lynn and I feel so privileged and honored that you are in my life. Follow your heart and you will find what is that you really want to do. Just listen to your amazing heart. :kiss: