Re: Filling the Cup

September 1, 2011 at 11:21 pm #1948
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1363]My first career was an educator. I was passionate about it. :woohoo: The truth is all the education to obtain my degree did not prepaid me for what I would encounter in the classroom. :ohmy: Although I had manny challenges I followed my heart not my mind. :kiss: my dream is that everyone discover the passion and follow the love in thear hearts. :)[/quote]

When I was a little girl I wanted to teach as well. When was doing my theses for my Master’s Degree I worked at school as a teacher. I loved my students, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I wanted to teach in a different way. I put in my mind (at that time, not knowing what I understand now) how it would feel for me to teach. I wanted to change people’s lives. Not just teach like at school. That was me and my dream. Look what it is that I am doing now. :cheer: Sometimes, when we put our feelings into what we want. I mean when we describe to ourselves how we want to feel doing it, will create exactly that feeling for us as we do what we love.