Re: Dealing with current health issues

December 7, 2011 at 9:36 pm #2870
Jolanta Luty

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2317]This seems to be where you changed your mind Jolanta! What happened here that changed your mind! Your posts from here on are of a totally different tone and I can feel the change through the screen of my computer!!! SOmething seems to be blocking me from believing I can do it! Its my thinking, I know! …..[/quote]

We don’t need to do much to achieve that – we only have to awaken our hearts and our inner sensitivity, and everything around us will become better and more beautiful.
Slowly, I started seeing everything differently. I began to see not only with my eyes but also with my heart, my whole being, noticing things that normally I wouldn’t. I appreciate the value of my imagination more and I use it more wisely. I find myself in the middle of a transformation – progressing from suffering to freedom and happiness. It is only after I have lost all my material goods that I really feel free and slowly being born again.
I believe that my sickness has taught me a great lesson and warned me that I needed to make drastic changes in my life. It tells me to finally slow down as I have rushed too much over the years of living in America.