Re: Dealing with current health issues

November 30, 2011 at 4:38 pm #2781
Christine Schumann

[quote=”” post=2234]E[quote=”” post=2228][quote=”” post=2226]Fortunately, we don’t need a sickness to hear the voice of our heart and free ourselves from chasing an illusion. And to free the inner power of strength and belief we don’t have to copy fakir or yoga experts, or find ourselves in the desert and forsake everything. All we need to do is free ourselves from tension and accumulation of negative vibes, look deep inside ourselves and keep an open mind. I believe that the ailments of the body are in a way a result of an earlier “sickness of the soul.” But once we learn to achieve a balance between our inner self and the outside one we will have less stress and our bodies will function better. In our daily hustle and bustle we neglect to notice that the world is beautiful. To me, the beauty is a reflection of love. Colorful butterflies and birds are attracted to gardens full of colorful flowers. In turn, multi-colored and fragrant flowers bring various insects which pollinate them. Therefore, we can rightfully say that beauty is a reflection of love. Try to see that in our outside reality, love is manifested in the form of beauty. Let’s stop for a second and take notice.[/quote]

You are so right, beauty is a reflection of Love! That’s how how see my world too. There is beauty everywhere, in everyone and everything!! :woohoo:[/quote]
WOW you two got it!!!! So beautifully written![/quote]

That makes three of us!! :woohoo: