Re: Dealing with current health issues

November 30, 2011 at 6:40 am #2773
Laurie Thiboutot

[quote=”” post=2232][quote=”” post=2227][quote=”” post=2225]I can state with total certainty that during my rather long journey through my illness I have been undergoing some transformations. This process can be called going “home”, meaning that I have found my way inside the inner me. I started noticing my surroundings in a different, more realistic way. I still have a long way ahead of me to start feeling physically strong and healthy but now I know I will make it. And I know I will follow my intuition and my dreams while listening to the whispers of my soul. That’s what is important to me now.

Life is full of surprises; it can be unpredictable and cannot be always controlled. We have to accept that a lot of things that happen are beyond our control. We tend to be unhappy with who and what we are. We would rather be different – better, smarter, prettier, richer, etc. This creates tension between who we are and who we would rather be. In order to avoid this it suffices to accept and love ourselves the way we are instead of trying at all costs to be somebody else. Once we do that, we will no doubt feel better about ourselves. This is so simple and it works. I tested it on myself. We just need to understand our reality and what is happening to us.[/quote]

That is so wise what you have just said, Jolanta! Beautiful!! :)[/quote]
YES! WOW Jolanta!! Seems like something definitely has changed in you!! You are on your way I can tell by what you wrote! You actually make it sound easy….I wish it was…..[/quote]
What do you actually mean by, we just need to understand our reality and what is happening to us???