Re: cool “circumstances” = confirmation of choice

October 22, 2011 at 7:11 am #2441
Christine Schumann

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1862]Hi everyone! Listen to this. About 2 wks ago, I had a doctor’s appointment to begin to solve the mystery of my depression and total fatigue (thank you, God, I am in perfect health!). I was an emotional wreck during the visit and for the next 2 days. I started a cleanse diet, etc. etc. OK. The next week I had an appointment with Amanda. She packed my arms and heart and head full of wonderful tools for becoming a master of my thoughts and staying calm. I felt great the entire time and for every day since. OK. So I decided to cancel everything with the doctor, and make a commitment to myself to heal myself with Amanda’s coaching and help. I called the dr’s office this a.m. to cancel the second appointment with her, and guess what? I wasn’t even on their calendar! I told her it was probably because I had already put the energy out there to cancel, and she just said, “You’re funny.” 😛 [u]And[/u] when she tried to find me in the computer, I was listed with the wrong birth date. My real birthdate is Jan. 21. I was born in Africa, and it took my dad two weeks to go to American Embassy and register my birth. When he did this, he gave them the date of Jan. 22. My mom had to get my birth certificate changed. OK, so in the dr’s computer, I was listed with Jan. 22 birthday. :ohmy: I [i]know [/i]that is not what I put on the intake form!!! Isn’t this funny?! Totally cool!!![/quote]

That’s funny and absolutley amazing!! 😆

What I also find funny, is that I never ever saw you as being a drepressed or fatiqued person. (and I’ve known you for years now) Guess what? That means you are not!! You are PERFECT!! :woohoo: