Re: Cats, cats, and more cats

October 13, 2011 at 8:17 am #2349
Christine Schumann

[quote=”” post=1805][quote=”LILIAN_ZAMIR@WALLA.COM” post=1804]My husband suggested to try to catch it with a fishingnet,then to take it to th vet,I HOPE IT WILL HELP[/quote]

The duck is gone. It drifted down the canal. There is a sort of war against ducks that are not native to Florida to get rid of them, including the non-native snakes and other creatures that have been introduced to Florida. Most people I have found have little tolerance for the welfare of these Muscovy ducks because of the recent regulations passed in the State of Florida about non-native species. I was horried to hear how some people would rather “run over than look at them”!

I just happen to love all animals, so I seem to be in the minority compared to most people around my area. Even if I could catch the duck, most vets here will not treat them. I cannot afford the expense, either.

It’s a good thought that you had, though. Thank you for that. ;)[/quote]

Send love to yourself and the duck! Tell yourself “I love you!” :kiss: