Re: Cats, cats, and more cats

October 10, 2011 at 6:14 am #2335
Jeremy Krenzelak

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What would you do or how would you think about this to feel better? Any thoughts? Thank you. ;)[/quote]

I am an animal lover as well and it hurt me so much to see them dead on the side of the road. A while ago, maybe two months or so, I started affirming that “all animals, reptiles, amphibiens, insects and birds always cross the roads safetly. Since then I have not seen any dead animals on my path.

The cats/kittens will be just fine. Send them love and know in their heart that they are happy and heathy and well taken care of.


Awesome advice!!! :woohoo:

One other thing that we can think of is: What is the difference between wild cats and the domestic cats? The wild cats are in the rain and they are not sheltered from it. When we think about those cats we don’t feel sorry for them and they grow strong and beautiful. I love animals and that is why I know I need to have only good thoughts about them so they are strong and healthy and happy. I know if I feel sorry for any aminals I create more of them in bad conditions. So, I need to see them happy in my mind like Dream Builder suggests. As we create everything with a single thought only then they will be taken care of. :)[/quote]

That is great advice and makes perfect sense to me. The only thing is that domestic cats and kittens don’t have to deal with avoiding traffic on roads that are spaced a block apart. That’s my biggest concern.

I printed out your advice and I plan to think as you suggested. Thank you all so much! 😉