Re: Can it be true what Jesus said about wealth?

October 26, 2011 at 12:25 pm #2526
Laurie Thiboutot

[quote=”” post=1979][quote=”” post=1957][quote=”” post=1953]I had on FB – page : “Jolanta`s Cancer Fund” and I talk there about my cancer….[/quo

OHH I understand now!!! I have a website and a person I think you would LOVE to listen to!
If you go here, and listen to her radio interviews I honestly think this will profoundly help you!! When you listen to the one with Wayne Dyer, go to the 2nd one, or the one on the bottom of the two. It is the actual call she did on his Hay House show this summer. Then the one that is 90 minutes…this one will totally make you feel peace inside! She was in your position…and she’s alive to tell about it!! Totally cured! :cheer: If you have the time…the videos on this page are awesome too!!![/quote]

Thank you Skuda so much!
I heard about Anita and her story but I never saw her….
I am very grateful for that link.
Thank you ;)[/quote]

You are very welcome! I am so inspired by her story and what she has to say about life in general because she has dropped the ego/conditioning completely! She sees life as it is with out fear!