Re: Can it be true what Jesus said about wealth?

September 7, 2011 at 5:02 am #2057
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1480]I must admit that I am a bit confused since I watched a TV show last night. It was a series called “Who was Jesus?”. I caught the last part of the show, but the narrator was talking about how poor Jesus was and how he socialized with some very downtrodden people. They were talking about the palace of Pontius Pilate and how ornate and lavish it was as a contrast to how Jesus lived.

Then, the narrator commented that Jesus said “He who is wealthy cannot serve God”. I am not that familiar enough with the Bible to confirm that.

How is this statement to be interpreted? You probably know where I am going with the next question. If this is true, how can we manifest our own abundance of money and still serve God? :unsure:[/quote]

There are scientists who study the life of Jesus that say that Jesus was a very wealthy person himself. He chose that kind of life as it was his mission to do.

Also, when Jesus says about money, you will find through the bible that he encorages wealth. He talks about servents that were given money to invest and he prays the ones that made a profit. What he really means by money is that money by itself cannot be a sole purpose. We need to grow in love. When we do that, everything grows in our lives, including the money. He means the love for ourselves. When we grow in love for ourselves we love everyone around us more than ever loved before. 🙂