Re: Can it be true what Jesus said about wealth?

September 15, 2011 at 2:14 am #2165
Amanda Devine

[quote=”LILIAN_ZAMIR@WALLA.COM” post=1604]Thinking,expecting,beleiving that Jolanta is in perfect health and sending love to her and being grateful that she is recovering are the best way for me to help her.[/quote]

Thank you so much, Lilian!!! That is the best thing we all can do for Jolanta. We need to see her being perfectly healthy. :kiss:

But the most important is that she sees her perfectly healthy in her mind.

One lady that attends seminars that I do here locally had an operation on hernia of her stomach. The operation went incredibly well as she expected this to happen. When they were doing all the test before the operations, all the X-rays and scans, they discovered fibrocyst in her lung. The doctor did not like it and he told her that they were going to do more tests after the operation. She put in her mind that when they was going to do the next test, the lung was going to be perfectly fine. She knew it was going to happen. Two weeks after the operation, they done more tests and the doctor told her that he does not understand but the fibrocyst is gone from her lung. That is so awesome!!! :woohoo:

Jolant can do that as well!!! :woohoo: Let’s see in our minds her doing just that! :woohoo: