Re: Can it be true what Jesus said about wealth?

September 8, 2011 at 9:27 am #2063
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1517]After spending all of my savings to pay for treatments and in danger of losing my apartment which I had worked so hard to obtain, now I finally have come to realize what is most important to me and what really counts. Money and all the material things do not mean anything to me now. There is no room in my heart for regrets and longing. Is it deprivation when we are denied a normal life? And what really are deprivation and a normal life? Even though I don’t have any material goods now I feel much richer than ever before. My goal is to achieve peace in my heart and be happy and grateful for each day that I feel no pain .And when I finally ended up with nothing, when I lost everything that I had strived to accomplish over nine years of hard work in the U.S., I have begun to feel free. The only thing of any significance to me is peace within myself and freedom from meeting everyone’s expectations. I have started to gradually discover my life’s inner space. Going through those hard moments have enabled me to truly see who I am. I am trying to free myself from the old preconceived and still existing mental structures in order to find in myself that part that has not awakened yet.[/quote]

Wow!!! Thank you for your awesome thoughts!!! :woohoo:

I teach homeless and unemployed people that I call Adventurer’s Club. Those people for many can seem like at the very bottom of the society. But they have something that every person dreams about. They have freedom from materialistic possession. I have never thought that I might look at it that way. I was like you Jolanta, all my life working hard to make money. Teaching those people I have realized that I have the best of both worlds. I have the freedom, as I have my own business, that I set my own hours and I have the money to enjoy that freedom. I have found that those people from Adventurer’s Club don’t want to lose their freedom. They don’t want to get attached to materialistic things. I strongly believe that what Jesus wanted to point to us. (And again I am talking about the wisdom of the Bible) He wanted to point to us that we should have abundance of everything in every area of our lives, including plenty of money, but for us to be truly happy we need to sustain our freedom. Have the happiness to be our guide in life, the happiness in love, not the money. Money should remain as a vehicle to get us what we want, but not the purpose in itself. I found a very interesting thing. When we keep love in our hearts, money follows in abundance. I am telling you that from my and others experience. :woohoo:

Why do thing that happens? Why when we feel love, money follows?