Re: Attaching emotions to fearful discussions

September 21, 2011 at 8:18 am #2216
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1666]Tomorrow, 9/21, I go to my annual visit to the oncologist for review of my blood work. I am being monitored yearly for the M protein that was found in a very low quantity in my blood last year. This can be a precursor to multiple myeloma, as it is found in the blood of myeloma patients.

Last week I went to the lab for the blood work, and I had to wait in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before I was called back. I purposely chose to sit in a chair way back in a corner away from the three other people who were there, with the intent not to be drawn into a conversation about cancer, treatment, etc. Low and behold, a lady came and sat right next to me and started to talk about her cancer and treatment. Her voice and her words were full of fear and resentment and she had tears in her eyes. Naturally, she asked how my “cancer” is doing.

I went there with the intention of being joyful and in perfect health, but yet once that conversation started I almost fell off the wagon of positive thoughts. I considered going to the restroom (even though it was not necessary) and then coming back out and pretending to be on the phone, just to get away from that kind of talk. The other patients waiting there were focused on the cancer and despair and gloom and doom, too. It wasn’t a pretty picture, people.

What is the best approach to take in these situations? Tomorrow I will probably have to wait for a short amount of time in the waiting room, and I refuse to be drawn into that negative vibrational pattern of thinking. I do not have cancer, just a low level of the protein in my blood that is being monitored yearly.

This year I went through a lot of changes in that I stopped eating red meat and went onto food enzymes. The naturopathic doctor I saw about this said that the M protein in the blood is a result of what I was eating and the digestive problems I was having (I was told by several gastroenterologists in the past that I had irritable bowel syndrome and nothing could be done except eat fiber and take antispasmodic medications). None of these western doctors told me about food enzymes. Within one day of starting the enzymes my IBS symptoms vanished and never returned. According to the naturopathic doctor, this protein is a result of difficulty processing the protein found in meat and because my digestive system was so worked up.

Therefore, tomorrow I expect to be told that the level of protein in my blood is less than it was last year or maybe even gone completely. I am trying to figure out a way to keep my positive vision of health going despite going to that awful place tomorrow that is so dreary and then having to be exposed to the negative people in the waiting room. Since meeting Amanda a couple of months ago, I have been making the affirmation “Thank you. I am in perfect health”.

How do I not allow the negative and fear-based emotions of these people in the lobby of Florida Cancer Center affect my thoughts when it will be all around me tomorrow? :)[/quote]

First when you think about sitting somewhere else so you don’t get sucked into a negative conversation, it will happen exactly what has happened. When you dread going there, you will create things that you don’t want.

This is what you do. Put in your mind, that you are going there to get the best news possible! A confirmation that you are perfectly healthy. Thank for an incredible postive experience that you are going to have. Ask for help of that great power that only positive people are going to sit next to you and expect it. Thank for the best day of your life and see in your mind how amazing that experience is going to be. Get excited about the great news and about the postive people that you are going to meet there. :woohoo: