Re: Attaching emotions to fearful discussions

October 22, 2011 at 6:45 am #2440
Christine Schumann

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1896]How did it go? Were you able to focus on your perfect test results, your perfect health?

It didn’t go as expected. The level in my blood is higher, but I was told that at the rate it’s going I might need treatment around age 100, or 40 years from now. I am told the same thing, to be monitored every year. I HATE going to that oncology place, even if it’s only once a year. It’s so dreariy, no cheery things on the wall, no flowers. The waiting room is so full of very ill people. It does nothing for my mental attitude at the time.

To make it worse, it’s always around my birthday. .[/quote]

Hey, I have an idea! :woohoo: Next year when you go for your appt. take some fresh-cut flowers with you and place them in the waiting room area, or give them to the people behind the reception desk. I’m sure that would cheer up the whole place! :cheer:

Also, please take a look at what you are focusing on…. Look at the word you wrote in capital letters… look at the first part of your last sentence…. Remember: Universal Law of Creation is “Like attracts Like”. :ohmy:

It all starts with Self-Love! Be kind to yourself and know that you are Perfect in ALL ways!! …and that includes perfect health too! 😆