Re: Animals

August 31, 2011 at 7:01 am #1909
Christine Schumann

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1360]I hear what you are saying and I am at a similar point with my two cats. One is a male cat who is the love of my life. He is gaining weight (but is not obese) and is about 7 years old. The last cat I had lived for 20 years even with leukemia and was healthy. So, I know that Monte can be around for a long time yet. But, I have read and been told by vets that middle-aged male cats who are above optimum weight are at more risk for diabetes.

I do not want to create that for Monte, that’s for sure. We control the feedings and, just as you do, we feed small amounts during the day. What thoughts to I need to have so I do not create diabetes for him? I know enough to think of him as healthy and vibrant, but the thought of diabetes keeps creeping into my thoughts now and then in spite of my positive thoughts.[/quote]

Hmmm, that makes me wonder how you feel about yourself. What are your eating habits? Are you afraid that you might be gaining weight? :huh:

You see, my dog goes nuts when a school bus drives by during our walk. He charges at them and barks like crazy… and I have always made the excuse that it’s because they are big, loud and very smelly. I’ve never liked the smell of Diesel… So, it’s really me who doesn’t like the school buses!! I have changed my thoughts about the busses… because I now realize that the busses and the cargo they carry are pure Love, and their exhaust smells like a bacon & egg breakfast. Guess what? It seems the bus routes got changed… They don’t pass us anymore in the morning. :cheer:

I would like to share something else: Remember, a few weeks ago we were deciding to create that all animals cross the road safely? Well, I’ve been holiding that intent very strongly… I claim that all animals, reptiles, amphibiens, insects and birds cross the road safely, and I have not seen a dead animal since! None! Zero! Zilch!! I don’t even have bugs smasched all over the front of my hood and my windshield anymore. :woohoo: