Re: Animals

August 31, 2011 at 12:42 am #1902
Jeremy Krenzelak

I hear what you are saying and I am at a similar point with my two cats. One is a male cat who is the love of my life. He is gaining weight (but is not obese) and is about 7 years old. The last cat I had lived for 20 years even with leukemia and was healthy. So, I know that Monte can be around for a long time yet. But, I have read and been told by vets that middle-aged male cats who are above optimum weight are at more risk for diabetes.

I do not want to create that for Monte, that’s for sure. We control the feedings and, just as you do, we feed small amounts during the day. What thoughts to I need to have so I do not create diabetes for him? I know enough to think of him as healthy and vibrant, but the thought of diabetes keeps creeping into my thoughts now and then in spite of my positive thoughts.