Re: An apparent creation that is a shocker

September 7, 2011 at 4:32 am #2053
Amanda Devine

[quote=”” post=1487]If you can immagion having fibro myalgia, depression, the love or your life for 28 years leaving you for another woman, carrying for a dying parent, having your job taken away and family and friends are no longer in your life. And that’s just part of it. :sick:
I knew in my heart that I would make it through as long as I had money to survive.
I took time to be grateful for the great moments in my life.
I cried a lot about my losses. I even got angry. I never felt anger before. I did not like it. I knew something had to change.
The next day I saw Amanda on TV. With her tools and guidance everything changed.
I stopped and listened to her CD every time I felt anger or had thoughts of blaming others for my misery.
I sent love to those pople who I felt hurt by. I concentrated on gratitude and even communicated the love and gratitude to them. I appreciated how wonderful my life is even before it was.
Is my life perfect. It is about to be. I am almost there.[/quote]

Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us! :kiss: :kiss: