Re: An apparent creation that is a shocker

September 7, 2011 at 4:44 am #2055
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1491][quote=”[email protected]” post=1487]If you can immagion having fibro myalgia, depression, the love or your life for 28 years leaving you for another woman, carrying for a dying parent, having your job taken away and family and friends are no longer in your life. And that’s just part of it. :sick:
I knew in my heart that I would make it through as long as I had money to survive.
I took time to be grateful for the great moments in my life.
I cried a lot about my losses. I even got angry. I never felt anger before. I did not like it. I knew something had to change.
The next day I saw Amanda on TV. With her tools and guidance everything changed.
I stopped and listened to her CD every time I felt anger or had thoughts of blaming others for my misery.
I sent love to those pople who I felt hurt by. I concentrated on gratitude and even communicated the love and gratitude to them. I appreciated how wonderful my life is even before it was.
Is my life perfect. It is about to be. I am almost there.[/quote]

Thanks for sharing! I am so happy for you!! You are living the life of your dreams!! :woohoo:

I do want to remind everyone that we are already perfect manifesters. We are already creating whith the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings that are backing up these thoughts. The difference is, that now we KNOW how powerful we are and we conciously are starting to live the life of our dreams. We are in a way self sustainable – we are the creators – we are GOD! :woohoo:

I also want to add that in a way, I have always tried to help and teach others about this ancient wisdom. Yes, helping others instead of helping myself. I bet so many people out there are doing/have been doing that very same thing; probably simply because they avoid to be so called “selfish”. When in realtiy it is all about the self – it is all about YOU… ultimately ME![/quote]

So true!!! Everything starts with us. That is why we need to concentrate on ourselves first. When we concentrate on ourselves then everyone around us get helped. :woohoo: