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March 18, 2012 at 7:29 pm #3368
Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=2820]Imagine a highway with two lanes. One lane is thinking and another is acting. One lane cannot exist without another as one lane cannot be called a highway. If we only act on our goals, but we don’t change how we think, we are going to see very little improvement in our results and very often none at all. When I was in insurance, I saw agents working many hours with many appointments and having very poor results. Why? Because they had the same way of thinking even after they put more action into practice. On the other hand when we change how we think and we don’t act on our goals, nothing is going to happen.
Imagine you are a fisherman or a fisherwoman. You say, “Amanda taught me how to think. I know how to think in a new way and I am going to have the best day of my life. I am going to catch many fish.” Then you go home, sit on the couch and you think. At the end of the day, would you have fish? Of course not! You need to take a boat, go to sea, throw the net and catch fish. You need to act!!!
When you set goals, you need to act on them. If you want more clients you need to carry out actions that will supply them for you. When I started my business 4.5 years ago, I went to networking events, fairs, etc., to acquire clients. I still do. I go to networking events and I have a marketing guru who does an incredible job marketing my ideas on the internet. People need to know that you exist. If you want to get a new job, you need to place resumes on the internet or apply in person. You need to take action!

What other actions do you need to take? You NEED to apply the tools!!!

Let me explain to you how things work. When you have momentum going, amazing situations occur. Gaining the momentum does not need to take a long time. For one of my clients took a very short time, as he progressed from the last sales person in his office to leading his office in sales in three weeks. He definitely was applying the tools! When you have the momentum, clients, jobs, new employees, just appear. You will find yourself getting 95% of your clients from referrals as I do. Everything becomes so incredibly easy. It is like rolling a little snow ball down the hill. It becomes bigger and its momentum increases rapidly. The point is that you need to make that little snow ball first and then start it in motion. 😉

What kind of actions can you take towards realizing your dreams? :huh:[/quote]

Thank you Amanda, for putting “action” into perspective. I can definately relate to what you are conveying. It makes total sense to me because I was there not too long ago myself. :S I always had the understanding, the knowing and the wisdom but I did not take proper actions to bring my desires into fruition. It was like I was waiting for something to happen just because I believed in it, only to find myself being disappointed and frustrated because it didn’t show up. Now, I realize how important my actions are, acting as if – with a pure heart…. :woohoo:

I like your little scenerio about making the little snow ball first and then start it in motion…. B) It’s like getting the ball rolling! :silly:

Let’s Rock’n Roll everybody!! :woohoo: