Re: Acting As If

October 22, 2011 at 11:03 am #2448
Amanda Devine

[quote=”” post=1876]When I first met Amanda I did not know what a life coach was or did. :S
I did know that I needed something.
I was trying to figure what I wanted to do when I grew up at age 65.
I needed to find my passion. My problem was I had too many passions and a huge life filled with many experiences. :blink:
What I learned was I love making a difference in the lives of others. My greatest gift is LOVE. 😉
What I did not know was how to heal myself. :pinch:
My life went through so many stressful situations I made the decision to invest in ME. Amanda reminded me of how powerful I was. I had healed myself before and during the time with Amanda I rediscovered my power. :woohoo:
Yes we all have the same power. 😆 We all have dreams or thoughts of what our perfect life would be. :whistle:
What we need are tools. This is the best place to have discussions and learn from each other and support and send love.
I LOVE all of you. :cheer: 🙂 :woohoo:[/quote]

We all love you, Lynn!!! :kiss:

You are so right saying that all that we need is the tools that lead us to using that incredible power that we already posess to manifest in our lives anything we want.

The gift of love that you have is the most incredible gift that we all have. You are just aware of it and that makes the whole difference!!! :woohoo: