Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=2346]Let’s analyze how we create things in our lives. When we have that feeling of knowing/faith that the desired thing is going to manifest, it appears in our lives.

How do we get to that feeling of knowing? Love creates calmness and calmness creates the feeling of knowing. When we feel love we can’t be scared, worry or be angry at the same time. In the moment we love we cannot have any negative emotions, no doubt. When we feel love we become calm and that feeling of peace leads us in a straight way to the feeling of knowing. The desired things like money, relationships, health etc. manifest. 😉

Can we ever run out of love? NO. :woohoo: Love comes in abundance. We can have it at our finger tips any time we desire. We can tell ourselves that we love ourselves and can create that amazing feeling any time we wish. Love creates anything that we want in our lives. You might say love produces money, relationships, health, etc., so how can we run out of anything in our lives, like money when we feel love? Imagine that you are producing jewelry and you have an unlimited supply of golden nuggets. Can you ever run out of jewelry? No, you cannot. Imagine, you are making cars and you have unlimited supply of parts that are needed for producing those cars. Can you ever run out of cars? Never! 🙂

How can we run out of money, great relationships, health or anything for that matter when we have abundance of love that produces everything in our lives? We cannot. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

So crank up that motor of love and love yourself more, then love yourself more and then keep going…and you will experience the abundance of your dream. 🙂 :cheer: :woohoo:[/quote]

Thank you, Amanda! That is a genius explanation!! :woohoo: