Re: A question about health affirmations

October 23, 2011 at 3:56 am #2467
Amanda Devine

[quote=”LILIAN_ZAMIR@WALLA.COM” post=1909]Dear Laurie:(

It has been a while I understand that you have a medical problem, so I allowed to myself to include you in my mirror list if you do not mind,:”Thank God that Laurie is in perfect health ,I love Laurie”, and now that you ask for help, I thought that it would be good if you know that there is who is thinking about you ,you are in my world.

Best wishes for perfect health. We all love you.[/quote]

You are simply incredible, Lilian!!! :woohoo: You are going to cure and make the whole world happy!!! :woohoo:

And you are having an incredible results with it as well. Like the soldier you told us about.

We ALL love you, Lilian!!! :kiss: