Re: A question about health affirmations

October 22, 2011 at 11:15 am #2449
Amanda Devine

Mirror is not the requirement for you to become healther. The number of the repetitions is!!!! Why? Because if you believed that you can heal yourself you would be healthy right now. The repetitions help us believe that we can do it. This is what it did for me. I started to believe, then I knew it was going to happen and then it did!

Repeating even hundred times a day, is not everything that is going to make you healthy. Every time you go to a doctor and you are upset that you have another thing happening, by the law of creation you are creating more things happening to you. Especially, when you worry the money you are spending on the procedures that creates even more of it.

Another very important thing is calmness. If we get upset we prolong our healings. Scientists proved that one fight can delay healing of a wound by one day.

All we need to do is to do all the tools. They work as a “team” 😉 Only then, we can speed up the process. And one more thing. If we want to speed up things, we need to become patient. The more patient we are the faster things will happen. 😉 I had to learn that myself! 😆