Re: a healing story

August 26, 2011 at 6:30 am #1817
Annette Coykendall

Yes, I did stay calm. Earlier in the day, I had decided that I would show myself this day, how powerful I am. I wanted to experience something undeniable! There were distractions around me (kids needing me for stuff), and I had an anxious feeling that I should go outside right away and catch all the little poisonous toads to get rid of them (fear! :blush: ). But for the few minutes that this took, I made a clear decision that this was it! The opportunity to create what I really wanted. Later, we looked for the toads, and couldn’t find any 😆 Now I know it doesn’t matter. Buddy will always be fine! Weird how other parts of my life still felt chaotic, but this part felt perfect. I learned much from this!!!