Feeling Love for Yourself

In our culture, as we were growing up many of us heard over and over that we should never love ourselves. We were told that feeling love for ourselves is seeing ourselves better than everyone else. That loving others, but not ourselves is the right thing to do. Let’s explore this fascinating subject. What does […]

Getting the Job of Our Dreams

In today’s market we were often told that it is very hard to get a job, not to mention a job of our dreams. What if I tell you that you can get any job that you want. All you need to do is to know how to think in the right way. Many of […]

Who Do You Compare Yourself to?

In our world we look at others and we often compare ourselves to them. We look at how successful they are and we measure ourselves with the same tape. The only person we should compare ourselves to… is OURSELVES. We always need to look at our growth. Are we getting better in what we do […]

The Freedom of Our Thoughts

No matter where we are and no matter what is happening in our lives the one thing that can take us on a journey to a new life are our thoughts. I was born in a socialistic system where people’s lives were completely controlled by the government. They even were getting into people’s minds to […]

Using Your Time Effectively

Being busy does not necessarily mean being effective. What is it that we do during our hours? Some people might look very busy but the results are not there to support it. How can you become very effective using as little time as possible to achieve great results? First, give yourself enough hours at night […]