An Amazing Christmas Story

There was a Christmas day and a family of three, father, mother and their fifteen year old daughter, were about to sit down to a Christmas dinner. The mother looked through the window and she saw three men sitting on a bench. It was cold and snowing and it looked like that bench was where [...]

Taking One Moment at a Time

We can go into the past and relive things that happened to us. If we recall the good things that is awesome. Other things should just stay in the past. We can think about future wondering and imagining what it is going to be like. When we envision great things that’s fantastic. If it as [...]

Learning from the Best

There is something amazing about little children and dogs. They always seem to be happy, full of energy and have a positive outlook on everything. They are born to love. They look at everyone with love and they see fun everywhere. Why when we look at little children and dogs, they make us so happy? [...]

The Most Important Goal

We set goals regarding our families, professional achievements and things that we might like to acquire, etc., but… there is a goal that is the most important. It is YOU. What kind of person would you like to be? How would you like to feel every day? How would you like others to see you? [...]

The Next Step

What is your next step? Wherever you are, what is your next step? Do you want to change where you are? Are you happy and content with what you have achieved so far? Is anything in your life that you would like to make better? Or everything is perfect already? Wherever you are you need [...]

Being Positive

What does it mean to be positive? We would say that it is positive thinking. But…is it really? And…here…is the very fascinating fact. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. So, only when we feel good do we create what we desire. We can think and think positive, but we will [...]

Peace of Mind

One of the most desirable things that we want is peace of mind. What is peace of mind? It is being calm, feeling good, etc. In other words, it is knowing that we are OK and we are going to be OK. We want peace of mind about ourselves and about our loved ones. A [...]

Do You Have Money?

Do you have money? The question really is relevant to the mindset that we have about money. Let me explain. Let’s take one thousand dollars. For someone who is a millionaire, it would be just pocket change. For many people it is a nice amount of money. For some people it is a huge amount [...]

The Most Important Routine

We all have a routine that we perform every single day. We get up at a certain time, we brush our teeth, take a shower, dress, have breakfast, etc. We do the same thing every day, over and over. We take care of ourselves and others daily, the same way. But…there is the most important [...]

A Surprise

Most of us love surprises. Receiving a big box or a little box and wondering what would be inside. What does the box hide? We are so eager to open it and see its contents. We open it, excited… Well… there is the most incredible “box” that we already possess that we can open in [...]