Pieces of a Puzzle

We might acquire lots of information from different sources that might assist us in navigating our lives. But…until we have the entire picture, we will wonder why sometimes things work and other times we create something different than we desire. We might have many pieces of the puzzle, but only when we have all of [...]

A Cute Story with a HUGE Lesson

A rabbit and a turtle were going to race each other. The rabbit looked at the turtle, making sure that the turtle knew what he was doing. “Look”, the rabbit said. “You are a turtle and I am a rabbit. I can go so much faster than you. Are you sure you want to race [...]

How to Create More of What We Desire

We all have created a number of things that we desire. The key is to create more of them and more often in order to make our lives easy and fun. Here is the most important element that produces that. Before I reveal it to you, you need to understand the basic things. We create [...]

The Most Important Thing to Do

We take care of many things every day. We look after our bodies by eating healthy, exercising and going to sleep, etc. We take care of our family, our home and our pets. We pay attention to how we look and we dress appropriately when we go to work. Do you realize how many things [...]

Your Imagination Makes it Possible

We drive cars, travel on planes, use computers and smart phones. We traveled to the moon and now to Mars, and we have a space station. If you told it people in 19th century, what would they tell you? Would that seem possible for them at that time? It took a great imagination to create [...]

A HUGE Difference

I am sure you have seen people that do the same things but have completely different results. It seems for some people things go so much smoother and easier than for others. What is the difference between them? Imagine two sales people. One has an appointment and hopes to make a sale. The other one [...]

Unchartered Territory

In order to discover the true power of our mind we need to go into uncharted territory. It is the most incredible adventure we will ever take!!! As a result, the knowledge that we acquire will take our lives beyond what we ever thought was possible. In order to go into the uncharted territory, we [...]

Emotional Makeover

My clients tell me that they are asked by their friends and family the same question: What do you do because you are so happy? I want to be as happy as you are, they comment. So, what is it that changes for my clients? It is the knowledge of themselves and the world that [...]

The World and Your Life is Like a Drop of Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan conducted a fascinating experiment. He wanted to see if our mind can change the molecular structure of water. He took bottles of water and strips of paper. He wrote on each strip a different word and then taped the strips to the bottles of water. Each bottle had one strip [...]

The Significance of Being Different

Imagine that there is a river. There is water in the river and the water has current. We know that is easier to swim with the current. For us to swim with the current in our lives, we need to become different. We need to change how we look at everything. We need to realize [...]